Evaluation  and consulting

We are able to propose the following services to you:

  • Studies and assistance to control of work of amendments, restorations, modernizations of equipment in order to improve their performances, their safety and their controlled prolongation of lifespan.


  • Technical expertise of harbor and maritime installations:harbour crane
    › Following damages
    › for missions of assistance within the framework of dispute
    › for assessments before transformation-restoration


  • Diagnoses of optimization of park of machines of handling for reception of the future traffics:
    › Simulation of exploitation various flows of goods
    › Pragmatism and empiricism of optimization


  • Assistance with the acquisition of elevating lifting devices (followed manufacture, helps with the design for the integration of the lawful requirements and the phenomena of fatigue, final test of reception)


  • Technical and organizational councils near the persons in charge having design, and the harbor accompaniment load of information system strategic plans of development (trade, fishing, pleasure, cruising, naval repair)

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