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The metallographic laboratories of Apave are able to determine the mechanical characteristics of the elements of structure by material sampling for analysis or metallographic tests but, also by methods not requiring sampling such as:




The portable spectrometer, Spectrometry of emission Inductively Coupled Plasma— (ICP)

labo2The Spectrometry of emission to plasma ICP is a method of analysis chemical non-destructive, with preparation of surface, by use of an apparatus with spectrometry by flashing in cold zone and electroluminescent in hot zone, making it possible to identify the chemical compositions of steels or light alloys and the rates of impurities contained in the elements of structure.


Portable spectrometer for Positive Material Identification by x-ray fluorescence

labo3This service allows to determinate all elements in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel of metallic materials directly on the surface of the parts without sampling.

The fast realization of the analyzes takes place from the surface of the metal parts (without sampling). The service implements an apparatus at x-ray fluorescence. This technique allows the detection of 15 elements: Ti, V, Cr, mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Zr, Nb, Mo, HF, Your, W.


Metallographic replica techniques of surface examination

The objective is to record on a transparent nitrocellulose varnish, or plastic material the metallurgical structure of a metallic material, for observation in laboratory.
The technique consists with first of all polishing the zone to examine, attack it to generate a micro-relief, to apply a microfilm to him to collect the relief, and, finally, to take film and to examine it under the X100 microscope.


The portable durometer

The methods for mobile control of hardness are used in many cases of applications on parts heavy or difficult to transport, when the part to be tested cannot be brought to the laboratory.


The combination of the methods above allows defining the mechanical characteristics of steels composing the structures of equipment. These parameters are used for modelings.


In addition to the identification and analyzes chemical, our laboratories can carry out the following services:

Mechanical tests

• Traction
• Deflection test per shock (AFNOR and ASTM)
• Widening out

• Flatness
• Folding
• Brinell hardness, Rockwell and Vickers
• Texture


• Macrography
• Optical micrography (on samples and replica)

Electronic microscopy

• Electronic scan microscopy (MEB)
• Micro-analysis X


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