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In complement of the study of ageing we can propose the DIGILIFE* to you, whose AQUASS ensures marketing. DIGILIFE Is an equipment of assistance patented, to ensure the safety of your personnel, the integrity and the good performance of your handling and elevating lifting devices.

The “DIGILIFE*” is a device of follow-up of ageing in fatigue of elevating lifting devices by recording of indicators of office plurality of damage.

It is a surveillance device of the state of load of the machine of handling. It makes it possible to visualize its ageing on the level structure and kinematic chain.

Description of the functionalities of the DIGILIFEdigilife

The DIGILIFE* is an off-line device installed near the electrical equipment boxes and electronic of the machine. It transmits to ground on the computer terminal of the manager the syntheses which it makes uninterrupted.

It makes it possible to know in real-time the state of conventional damage of the machine and the kinematic chains as a whole, the indicators representative of the real service of the apparatus and essential for the interlocking of the various operations of special evaluations and the plan of maintenance.

It allows, by taking of account the real conditions of exploitation (the extreme tension of the cables, the weight of the loads, the additional cycles inside the cycles of lifting, the difference in tension between winches, real ranges of work…), to know the factors of spectrum of stress and the number of real cycles of fatigue leading to calculations of residual lifespan of the elements and assemblies critical.

It makes it possible to permanently know the parameters which are specific to the commercial exploitation, like the number of containers handled by type of container and handling (empty and full containers, of 20', 30', 40' or 45', numbers per section of weight for the full containers, containers export and importation, etc) as well as statistics on the weights of the handled containers (average weight by category of container, histogram by class of weight of the full containers, etc) or other goods and conditionings.

It makes it possible to deliver the parameters necessary to engage maintenance actions or controls conditional.

It makes it possible to ensure an assistance the breakdown service by conservation of the various operating data met at the time of a particular event (in the form of continuous variation of these parameters during a few seconds horse at the time of the incident, such as: important going beyond of load by winch, important differential of load by winch, defect lifting or direction, interlocking of the antisnag, etc.)

The assembly, the installation and the startup of Digilife are ensured in partnership with AES, Automatismes Studies Services:


*(downloadable in PDF, french version only)

guide Digilife Digilife

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